Friday, December 4, 2020

What are Welding Tools?

Standard supplies consist of a welding machine, safety equipment such as a welding helmet, mask, gloves, and other accessories like clamps, hammers, adjustable wrenches, and MIG pliers. Additional gear includes cutting equipment such as handheld grinders, chop saws, and cutting torches.

Useful Welding Tools and Accessories

Aside from your primary welding tools such as the welder and your safety equipment, there are lots of other small tools that will help you out when welding. To get the best results you’ll want to have tools that can help hold your metal in place while you weld, and mark the metal you’re using.

If you’re creating slag you’ll also need tools to clean it up afterward. Here’s our list of useful welding tools that will help you and are good to have around the workshop.

To get started in the basics of welding, you need a welder, electrodes, feeds and safety gear. But before you start, it might be a good idea to take a class or find an expert who can teach you how to weld.

If you fail to learn the basic safety requirements, you can seriously burn yourself or damage your eyes. The process of welding joins metal together by melting two pieces of metal at a seam and creating a joint.

MIG Welding Torches

When it comes to purchasing a MIG Welding Torch and the on-going consumables, it can often not be a great deal of thought. However, the wrong choice could have a profound effect on your welding process and could affect the welding equipment’s performance.

MIG Welding Torches are the most handled piece of equipment during the MIG welding process and they are exposed to the worst working environments and abuse.

This can often have a significant impact on the weld quality, productivity and increase the operator’s downtime.

It is often thought that all MIG Welding Torches are the same, so price often becomes a deciding factor when welders considering purchasing a new MIG Welding Torch.

Gas Welding, Cutting Torches & Oxy-Fuel Equipment

Oxy fuel welding, also known as gas welding or oxyacetylene welding, is a process that uses oxygen and gases such as acetylene, propylene, or propane, to weld and cut metal. Miller offers gas equipment to completely outfit your oxy fuel needs – including outfits, regulators, torches, tips and gas mixers.

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