Best Welding Machines 2020
Best Welding Machines 2020

Welding machines have revolutionized the market in terms of technology since they have become the favorite tools for those professionals.

In the area who usually works every day with metal or thermoplastic materials which are quite resistant, these devices Welding have the ability to melt any material to convert it into a new part or simply to repair any damage.

As they allow it to be used for different jobs since repairs can be made for a car to join parts that suffered damage or to repair a small appliance from home, as well as repair a metal chair.

A welding machine is an apparatus designed to join two or more metal (or thermoplastic) pieces by means of the casting process, with the help of supply material.

This last material melts thanks to the source of energy provided by the welding machine and forms a puddle that when dried becomes the union of the pieces (welding bead) we had, getting a new and unique piece.

As we have just mentioned, welding equipment needs an energy source to carry out the welding, and the classification of the most common welding machines is usually done according to the energy source they use.

Best Welding Machines 2020

Opinion on welding machines

Welding machines have become the ideal tool for professional work, especially those machines that have Inverter technology, these equipment have already become the first option for many professionals.

In the area since they have electrical technology in such a way that they allow you to regulate any parameter to obtain the best control when using them, they have an ideal size and weight so they can be transported anywhere without any problem.

Make sure that your welding machine includes Inverter technology since they are much more comfortable to use and we can save them easily.

In addition, they consume less energy and we can use them only by connecting them to a normal current, which is why if welding is involved, acquiring a welding machine with Inverter technology is essential, since, in a nutshell, they are compact, lightweight, and versatile equipment that

They will facilitate your work, here we have left you a guide with the best options that are currently available for you to know which one to choose.

What to look for when buying a welding machine

Before choosing a welding machine you should know that there are some important aspects that will help you to have a purchase as successful as possible, here we show you what they are.

Cheap welders: Are they energy efficient?

Welding machines consume a lot of electricity, however, those that have Inverter technology tend to consume less energy, although they do not need an industrial generator, that is why this is one of the important factors to consider, look at the amount of energy they consume, so you’ll know which one to choose.

Frequency of use of welding machines

This is an aspect to keep in mind since if we are going to use our welding machine for domestic use, we can get a model that is economical and does not contain much amperage.

If on the contrary, we will give it a professional use we must get a machine much more powerful with greater amperage and that provides greater performance.

Accessories and versatility

Welding machines are manufactured to be able to be used with all kinds of materials and to fulfill different tasks so that the best models will give you greater customization options, while cheaper models can be a bit limited, you just have to choose the one that suits your needs.

Weight and size

An important aspect, you should know what use you will give to your welding machine, if for domestic or professional use, since depending on how much you are going to move your equipment you should opt for a lighter and more compact model, remember that larger The greater your weight.

Three best traditional electric welders

Below are the most commonly used electric welders in the world and can easily be found in the market. These have different characteristics such as power, weight, and functionalities that are their own.

In addition, they have a relationship between the price and the best quality so you can distinguish and choose the one you prefer.

Portable electric welder

This portable electric soldering iron comes with 5V of a mini size, which is ideal for mobilizing anywhere because its volume is reduced for convenience.

It has an LED indicator that announces the distinctive modes with which it is equipped. You can know if it is on, off, heating, among others.

Portable electric welder
Portable electric welder

They are very practical and compact when using them so, if you give them the most appropriate use, it can be your ideal tool.

This implies that both professionals and people dedicated to the home can use it.

Electric Arc Welder

Electric arc welders have a current space between 45 and 48 A. Also, this tool also includes a fan that is electric.

It should be noted that its discharge voltage reaches 48 V and has automatic cooling ventilation. You can use it professionally or for the home by performing simple welding, of course, if you have the minimum knowledge that involves safety measures.

Tin Electric Welder

If you want to weld electrical and electronic circuits, this is undoubtedly the best soldering iron for your convenient activities.

Primarily used to melt soft solder metals, but not only that, but it also involves the pyrographers of works of art.

It should be noted that it has very beautiful torches with good electrical finishes and a lot of power, although in an adjustable way.

The main function of a welder is to join metal parts through the application of intense heat. Subsequently, the heat melts the metal into a liquid, which then solidifies.

The techniques to be used for this activity are manual or mechanized. Usually, an electric arc is used to melt metal and high-energy rays, such as electrodes and lasers.

What is a Welder?

A welding machine or welding machine is a tool used mainly for joining metal parts by applying heat;

Its axis of action is to provide them with greater resistance when exerting some kind of force, and their energy comes from an arc of electricity.

Welding is carried out by the action of two types of rays: lasers and electrons. They can be found in different types, with various shapes and styles, but all have only two types of outputs, alternating current (AC) and direct current (CD), with the alternating current being the most used by workers and companies, due They are cheaper and more efficient.

It is important to have a general knowledge that can help you when solving technical problems regarding the operation of a welding machine.

Likewise, it is also ideal to have some basic electricity tricks given that you use electrical energy.

These types of devices are not complex to handle, but care must be taken to avoid any type of accident, both physical and of the space in which you are working.

Let’s look at the composition of this welding machine:

Parts of a Welder

Welding machines are mainly composed of four main parts, as described below:

  • Fixed parts

Formed by the chassis, assembly duct, left and right side cover, capacitor clamp, side baffles, and cladding.

  • Electrical parts

It includes the fan on which the proper functioning of the equipment depends, it has sealed bearings, the main transformer, and a selector for each type of welding current.

  • Electronic parts

Composed of the capacitor, grinding plates, and a rectifying filter.

  • Mechanical parts

Formed by an indicator tape, crank knob, tape spring, arrow support, terminal board and a hook base gasket.

What amperage to use depending on the work to be done?

These can range from 150 to 600 amps depending on the work to be done. Check the amperage according to the work to be done:

  • 150 – 200 amperes: ideal for light and medium assemblies.
  • 250 – 300 amperes: used in factories for production, maintenance, repair, and all general workshop coupling.
  • 400 – 600 amperes: recommended for large and heavy works, especially in structural work, manufacture of parts for heavy machinery, pipes, and tanks.

Where to install the welding machine?

These should be installed in places where their covers are not obstructed, keeping them distant from the wall about 60 cm, preventing the fan flow from being blocked, in order to obtain good performance and proper operation.

A welding machine requires certain care that guarantees its functionality. Therefore, the more exposed it is to soil or moisture, its maintenance should be carried out at least once a month.

Classification: types and models of welding machines

To find your ideal welding machine you must take into account the following classifications:

  • Depending on the source of energy used, the welding machine can be electric or gas. It is the main factor that must be taken into account.
  • If we opt for an electric welding machine, we can classify them according to the type of current; Conventional electric welding machines use alternating current, while inverter electric welding machines use direct current.
  • Another classification would be according to the type of welding to be used. The most common welding processes are TIG welding, MIG welding and arc welding. Each process has its own advantages and disadvantages, and each one adapts better to certain applications or materials.
  • Depending on the type of use and the application that we are going to give you, we must choose a custom welding machine, there are different welders for beginners or amateurs, professional welders for small industry, and finally, professional welders for large projects.
  • The power we need is also another criterion to take into account. Since to use a home welder for small repairs, a 120A or 140 amp welder is sufficient. For greater use, we would opt for an amperage of 160 or 180. And finally, for frequent and prolonged use, a 200 amp welding equipment is better.
  • Finally, the welders can be classified according to the brands. The best-known brands in the market for welding machines are Stanley, Einhell, Lincoln and Telwin. Although you can also find many other brands that make good welding equipment.
  • Finally, and in the same way, as when making any purchase, we must not forget the price factor. The price mainly depends on the type of welder we want; since we can find a gas welder for less than 10 euros, while the price of inverter welding machines goes up to 100 euros, and laser welding machines can cost up to 1000 euros. And as always, the manufacturer we choose will also influence the price.

We will help you find the perfect welding machine to carry out your projects.


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