Best Welding guns
Best Welding guns

If you need to buy a Welding Gun you are in the right place.

In this section you will find all types of welding guns that exist in the market, we will explain what each of them is used for and we will give you some tips to choose the most appropriate one according to your project.

If you are interested in what we have said, I recommend that you continue reading.


Types of Welding using Welding Guns

The concept of welding gun is inclusive, and the first thing I recommend is that you focus on the type of welding you want to perform, and from there, you can advance on the type of welding gun you need.

If you are lost and need a brief introduction, I leave you the main types of welding that you can perform with a gun below;

There are mainly two models of welding guns in the market today, which are the following:

Tin Welding Guns

Tin welding is the basis of electronics in general. It is a technique that allows connecting two electrical connections in an easy and straightforward way.

Tin is a material that heats easily and quickly, and its drying is also practically instantaneous, which facilitates the work of joining circuits.

Welding of electronic components is one of the types of welding that require welding guns.

Welding Tool Soldering Tin Gun Suction Tin Device Electric Welding Gun
Welding Tool Soldering Tin Gun Suction Tin Device Electric Welding Gun

In most cases, welding guns for electronic components are electric, connected to the current, and allow to melt in quickly and accurately

As a general rule, tin welding guns are common power tools.

They are a type of electric soldering iron; it is connected to the current and has a trigger that allows the current to pass to its terminals.

When they heat up, they are ready to start welding with tin.

Plastic Welding Guns

Plastic welding needs another type of welding tools specific to the material.

There are several types of welding guns for plastic.

The most common are those of heat, which are discussed in the next section, but there are also guns for welding plastic by contact, similar to those of tin.

Plastic welding guns
Plastic welding guns

There are other types of welding guns that allow joining and welding plastic elements, and they get it through Hot Air at very high temperatures.

They are heat guns connected to the current and whose use resembles that of a hairdryer.

Heat guns or strippers

Finally, we cannot forget the heat guns, also known as strippers.

This tool is a bit different from the previous ones, although its operation is the same as that of Hot Air Guns for plastic welding.

They use hot air to strip, unlike welding, and serve to remove layers such as rust, resin or even paint on facades in very different materials.

Heat guns or strippers
Heat guns or strippers

You should keep in mind that there is a type of heat gun that is also used to strip different types of materials and surfaces.

They are very similar to heat guns for welding plastics but are used to remove layers of resistant materials, such as rust from metal parts

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