The art of welding, one of the oldest, currently requires more than just the welding machine.

Although this is the one that will carry out most of the work, to obtain the ideal finishes in a weld we will need some accessories that will make the work easier and help us obtain more neat results.

What do I need to weld?

If you plan to carry out welding work in your home or your workshop, it will be convenient for you to have a welding table: this is the ideal space to work, hold and support the pieces you are handling.

There are many variants of welding tables, with more or fewer features, but the most important thing is that its surface is metallic and has the necessary supports to place the welding equipment.

What are the accessories I need to weld?
What are the accessories I need to weld?

On the other hand, files are indispensable in your welding equipment: every good welder has files on his worktable.

These allow you to adjust the finishes of the parts manually, remove burrs and edges, and another variety of operations: they are very versatile accessories.

A hammer will be very useful when you get rid of the slag in the pieces welded with the manual arc.

In addition, it is possible to mold some parts before welding to facilitate the work. Metal brushes will help you keep files and welded parts clean.

To achieve an effective clamping between the workpiece and the work surface, the bench screws are ideal: these are usually adapted to the welding table and firmly hold the object on which it will work.

The sergeants also allow you to firmly hold the piece that we will weld directly to the table.

These are some of the basic equipment you will need when welding.

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