Best MMA Welding Machine 2020
Best MMA Welding Machine 2020

They are special machines used in industrial welding works ;

They have alternating current output and are suitable for the use of special electrodes as well as for common electrodes. MMA Welders.

They consist of a transformer that reduces the voltage and a unit of diodes, which allow converting the alternating current of the network into direct current.

They generate a similar load of the three-phase network, but they do not address the problems of the weight and size of the machine.

In addition to other inconveniences such as a high maintenance cost, needing to incorporate cooling means for the diodes.

Types of grinding machine

This type of machines are three-phase in all its models, among which we find:

4200 Static Grinding Welder

It is ideal when doing any blacksmith work, occasional fillings, structures, coatings, touch-ups, among others.

It can be used with basic, special, and hard electrodes. You can also weld connected to direct current and perform likable cast iron, aluminum, copper, bronze, and stainless steel.

Its weight is around 78 kilograms and its dimensions range from 435x800x845mm.

AG400 Three-phase Grinding Machine

Its current input is 380 volts per alternating current, it has a weight of 120 kilograms.

Among its main applications, the use in professional welding works, roofing manufacturing, heavy load machines, tools and filling are highlighted.

The size of a grinding machine varies from 810x695x1015mm.

AG600 three-phase Grinding Machine

Like the AG400 welding machine, it can be used in welding work such as the manufacture of roofs, fillings, heavy machines and tools.

Its only difference lies in the weight which is 170 kilograms compared to the AG400. Similarly, they have the same manufacturing dimensions.

AG800 800 Amp Three Phase Grinding Machine

The AG400, AG600 and AG800 grinding machine series have the same functional and dimensional characteristics; varying only in their weight.

The AG800 has a weight of 220 kilograms, which hinders its mobility to perform the work in a given site.

Recommendations Before Choosing a Grinding Welder

If you do not have much experience in the world of welding machines, it is important that you consider a series of recommendations before purchasing one of them.

Let’s see:

  • Define what grinding machine you need and what you need it for. This will save you higher economic expenses.
  • Inquire about each type of grinding machine before choosing any, try to make it fit your needs.
  • Do the preventive maintenance in the corresponding lapses.

Grinding Machines are indispensable tools in small household jobs and large industrial jobs.

A welding job requires precision, speed and care; Knowing how to choose the right machinery for each type of action is the key to obtaining a professional finish.

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