Laser welding 2020
Laser welding 2020

If you are looking for information about laser welders you are on the right page.

In this article, we will explain the applications of laser welding machines and help you find your ideal laser welding machine. Let us begin!

The best laser welders of 2020

Hukoer – Laser electric welding machine

It is a safe and stable welder, which can be used for both jewelry and dental welding.

As you can see in the image, it has five buttons that correspond to its five specific programs according to the material to be welded, these being the materials with which you can work: Gold (Au), Cobalt Chrome (Co-Cr), welding hybrid (Hybrid), Titanium (Titan) and orthodontics (Ortho).

Hukoer - Laser electric welding machine
Hukoer – Laser electric welding machine

It does not take much space to work with this machine, and if you are looking for a cheap laser welder, this can be a very good choice.

In this video, although I don’t know the language in which it is and cannot be understood, this welder model is taught and how to use it, and it can help you get an idea if you are thinking of acquiring it.

Ding Xing- 220V electric laser welder

With this laser welder, you can weld different materials, such as different precious metals, copper, silver, gold, iron, or steel, but it is not used to weld aluminum.

You always have to work with very small materials, which do not exceed 1.2 mm.

It has a power supply of 220 v, and a power of 400 W, with a weight of about 6 kg.


The welder includes a foot pedal, a cable, a clamp, a tungsten needle and a handle welder.

Oh, and it has five stars on Amazon, so it is a cheap and recommended laser welding machine.

Laser welders on offer at Amazon

If they don’t convince you, you can see more welders on Amazon:

Laser welding, what is a laser welding machine for?

Welding and laser welding applications are ideal for the jewelry and orthodontic sector.

Since laser technology allows us to achieve an accuracy that is impossible to achieve with other technologies.

Laser welding
Laser welding

Therefore, it is the most appropriate technique for small areas and sensitive areas.

But, it is not only used in jewelry, since the diversity in the employability of the laser does not have any other type of welding: you can quickly create both fine welding points of 1 mm in diameter and deep welding cords.

And it is that with a minimum deformation, very fine seam geometries can be created with a great depth-width relationship.

This is why it is also used in industrial mass manufacturing processes, in the manufacture of high-speed trains, pacemakers, or airbag housings, among others.

Due to operating with a much more complex system, these welders are much more sophisticated compared to all that can be seen on the page, and that is why they have a much higher price.

How does laser welding work?

Laser welding uses the thermal effect of the impact of the laser beam, and it is this impact that produces the fusion of the material.

The laser beam melts the metal as it moves, and in this way, the weld bead is created, minimizing the material properties.

One of the great advantages of these welders is that they leave a smooth and rounded weld bead, eliminating the review process.

Advantages of laser welding

As we mentioned earlier, laser welding machines, although they are more expensive, have some advantages:

  • This system does not need the contribution of material.
  • Provides narrow and deep cords.
  • It practically does not cause deformation in the area.
  • It gives the possibility of high precision joints.
  • I solder very fast.
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