Whether you have decided on an inverter welding machine, or if you need more information about the best welding machines on the market, you are on the right page.

Here we will show you the best investment welding machines at the best prices in the market and we will tell you everything you need to know.

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Best Inverter Welding Machine 2020
Best Inverter Welding Machine 2020

Technology and electronics have made their way in almost all areas of daily life.

The field of welding is no exception. In fact, the new investment technology for welding continues to take leaps and bounds in the market.

Today, approximately 90 percent of welding machine manufacturing has full attention on inverter or inverter welders.

Best Inverter Welding Machine 2020

Our experts have carefully reviewed the different welders that are currently available in the market and have concluded which ones are of the highest quality, those with the best performance, and those that are most interesting for welding resistance and without weak points.

The best inverter welding machines of 2020

Greencut – Inverter welder MMA-200

She is the best selling welder on Amazon, and it’s for a reason.

To start with the price. And it is a magnificent inverter welder that you can buy for less than 100 $ .

Greencut - Inverter welder MMA-200
Greencut – Inverter welder MMA-200

As for the welder, it is a turboventilated welder, so that it cools properly and does not get too hot. In addition, it has IGBT technology, and this is an advantage because it makes the equipment much more reliable and efficient.

This welder offers professional finishes for any welding enthusiast, without investing too much in the equipment.

It is light and compact, and very easy to use. Its arc of light is stable, and will not bring you any problems.

It is recommended for use with electrodes ranging from 2 to 3.2 millimeters.

In summary, it is the best choice for all those looking for an inverter welding machine that allows obtaining professional finishes without spending too much money.

Stanley – Welder Inverter MMA and TIG 460181

This Stanley Inverter welder, although a bit more expensive, is very versatile as it gives us the opportunity to use both MMA welding and TIG welding.

And it comes with a selector that allows you to change mode and use MMA or TIG. So it’s like a normal welder with a TIG torch.

It is a very resistant inverter welding machine, even for unfavorable environments, and is very suitable for both amateurs who wish to carry out their DIY projects and for professionals.

Stanley - Welder Inverter MMA and TIG 46018
Stanley – Welder Inverter MMA and TIG 46018

The performance of the welder is exceptional, and if you buy it we assure you that you will not regret it.

The only downside they have found has been that the cables and the clamp fall a little short. Oh, and that the instruction manual is a disaster.

But ultimately, she is an exceptional Stanley welder.

Einhell – Welder Inverter MMA and WIG BT-IW 100

This welder Einhell is a welder that is less than 150 $, so we can consider it an economic model.

This is also a versatile welder since although initially, it is for arc welding, you can put a WIG torch that is available separately to turn it into a gas welder.

As for its characteristics, it is extremely light with a weight of 4 kg, which makes it your ideal ally if you need a welding machine for constant displacements.

In addition, the current is adjustable, between 10 and 80 amps, and electrodes up to 2.5 mm thick can be used.

It comes with some accessories, such as a ground clamp and an electrode holder, as well as a strap for easy transport.

In short, it is a versatile, lightweight and compact welding machine.

Metalworks – MMA TEC 200 Inverter Welder

This is a welder with very good ratings, and a good price, always below 200 dollars.

Its IGBT technology, which today is brought by many, makes it a reliable and efficient welder.

It is a single phase and portable since it is small and manageable.

It is also an extremely powerful machine, with which you can carry out all your projects.

Einhell - Welder Inverter MMA and WIG BT-IW 100
Einhell – Welder Inverter MMA and WIG BT-IW 100

It has a fan so it does not overheat, and brings some accessories.

The only downside we find is that it is not as versatile as the previous ones we have put, hence its fourth place, but if what you need is only an MMA welder is a very good choice.

Other offers of inverter welders on Amazon

You can see more inverter welders on Amazon:

Types of welding that can be done with inverter welders

The inverter welders give the possibility of being able to perform a large number of welding types or processes.

With these welders, you can do TIG welding, MIG / MAG welding or MMA welding.

This is a great advantage, since being multifunctional welding machines, you can perform different types of welding with the same welding machine.

This factor is important when making a decision about the welding machine to be purchased.

What is an inverter welding machine?

The inverter welders are electric welders

As we mentioned on the home page of the website, we can differentiate welders into electric welders and gas welders, according to the source of energy they use.

This being so, within electric welding machines, we have conventional electric welding machines, and inverter electric welding machines.

Therefore, inverter welders are electric welders.

In this article, you can see what are the main differences between electric welding machines (conventional) and inverter welding machines, since now we will focus on inverter welding machines.

inverter welding machines
inverter welding machines

The technology of inverter welding machines

An inverter welding machine is relatively new to the market, and they use sophisticated silicon-based technology compared to the heavy transformers and rectifiers that were previously used.

And they use a switching mode power supply capable of coping with high arc welding loads.

Broadly speaking, its operation is as follows: first, rectify the AC power of the utility to DC, and then change (reverse) the DC power in a reducing transformer to produce the desired welding voltage or current.

The inverter circuits can also provide some features such as power control and overload protection.

This technology has made it possible for welding machines to be more stable, safe and efficient.

If you can, buy yourself an inverter welding machine

If you can pay a little more for features such as machine mobility and the possibility of using normal household power, buying an inverter welder is the best option.

The inverter electric welding machines are not the solution to all applications and all welding problems, but this milestone in the advancement of welding technology will serve you for most applications.

Advantages of inverter welding machines

Are you wondering what are the advantages of buying an inverter welding machine? Without a doubt, you will find it very beneficial, since:

  • It is small, compact, and somewhat portable, and can be transported as a lightweight briefcase. Investors use much smaller transformers and, therefore, weigh much less than other types of welders.
  • They consume little energy and can operate with the normal household current. A lower power consumption means that the inverter can be plugged into any 110V wall outlet with domestic power.
  • It has a wide range of power adjustment from zero to 100%, which allows you to adjust the power to the needs of each. This is because the output power of the inverters is regulated electronically.
  • The price is very reasonable for what you receive. In the past, investment machines were incredibly expensive. The high price was due to component costs, specialized manufacturing costs, and engineering costs. But today, it is no longer the case, since being a product that has been in the market for years, they are in the manufacture of large-volume electronic products.

Disadvantages of Inverter welding machines

Although, as we have seen, welding machines have many advantages, they also have some disadvantages that you should know:

  • Inverter welders are relatively fragile or, at least, more fragile. That means they are more susceptible to more frequent breakdowns.
  • The maintenance cost is bigger. This is due to two reasons; the most frequent breakdowns and the greater cost of the pieces, being a much more sophisticated technology.
best inverter welder
best inverter welder

How to buy the best inverter welder?

The inverter welding machines are quite more functional tools than classic equipment since they are easier to transport, easier to use, and are also compatible with many different types of welding.

When choosing an item that suits what is needed in the first place, it would be necessary to differentiate between professional machines and those that will be used for domestic or amateur use.

Welder inverter for domestic use

If welding is needed for domestic use, it is silly to spend excessive money or resources on something that is not going to be used.

For these cases, it will be more interesting to opt for simple welders that will allow us to fix the damage or perform tasks at home.

For example, the most used in these cases are those of type MMA / TIG. The teams that have these benefits perform almost professional work, always taking into account that they are used with thin materials.

Welder inverter for professional use

On the other hand, if you are looking for a welding machine for professional uses, it will be more interesting to opt for machines that provide more performance and allow welding of harder and larger materials, in addition to that they should also be much more resistant since you are going to work with them almost all the time.

In addition, professionals can also use MMA / TIG equipment for the most delicate jobs, taking advantage of the TIG technology specially designed for some types of metals.

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