conventional electric welding machine
conventional electric welding machine

In this article, we will talk about electric welding machines, all the features, and the advantages they have, and we will also help you find the best electric welding machine to cover all your needs.

Before we begin, we must clarify and there are two types of electric welders on the market: traditional or conventional electric welding equipment and inverter welding equipment.

In this article, we will talk about traditional welding equipment.

In this article, we explain the differences and advantages and disadvantages of each of them are.

The best conventional electric welding machines of 2020

Einhell- Conventional electric welder BT- EW 200

The BT-EW 200 V electric soldering iron is a compact and practical device, which can be used for any welding job.

It works with a welding current between 57 A and 200 A and can be used with electrodes between 2 and 4 mm. The current is fully controllable to adjust to any work you need to do.

Einhell- Conventional electric welder BT- EW 200
Einhell- Conventional electric welder BT- EW 200

Also, a fan and a thermostat help regulate the temperature of the device for longer work.

In short, and seeing Amazon buyers’ excellent opinions, he is a great welder, robust, efficient, and with great autonomy that will not give you any problem.

A 100% recommended German product.

Telwin Eurarc 322 – Traditional MMA electrode welding machine


This traditional Telwin electric soldering iron is incredibly reliable.

It is an arc welding station, equipped with wheels to transport it more easily, and the welder weighs 37 kilograms.

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of conventional welding machines.

Telwin Eurarc 322 - Traditional MMA electrode welding machine
Telwin Eurarc 322 – Traditional MMA electrode welding machine

It is a welder with ventilation for welding to MMA electrode in alternating current and can be used with routine and basic electrodes.

It is our best recommendation if what you are looking for is a conventional welding machine since, at a price that is a bit high, it is a very safe machine with great durability.

Telwin Nordika 2160 – Traditional MMA electrode welding machine


This conventional welder is of the same brand as the previous one, it is a Telwin, and it is the only brand with traditional online welders we have found.

Telwin Nordika 2160 - Traditional MMA electrode welding machine
Telwin Nordika 2160 – Traditional MMA electrode welding machine

Anyway, it is a great brand with great reliability.

Compared to the previous one, although it is not such a powerful welding machine, it has some important advantages that should be highlighted: its weight of 17.2 kg (20 kg less than the previous welding station) and the price, since this is quite more affordable.

If you do not want to leave so much money in a welding machine, you need an electric welding machine.

Other traditional electric welding machines available on Amazon

If you want to see more welders of this type, follow this link:

Conventional electric welding equipment

Traditional electric welding machines have been on the market for many years. Although with the appearance of inverter electric welding machines, they ceased to be relevant for many, they remain the best option for many people.

Conventional electric welding equipment is composed of the following elements:

    • Welding Machine: The most important. It is the element that provides the necessary energy.
    • Ground or neutral wire: The wire that connects the part with the electrode
    • Electrode holder cable: This is the cable that goes from the winding to the piece.
    • Electrode holder: Here is the electrode that is used for welding.
    • Electrode: It is the rod that is used for welding.
    • Power cable: It is the electrical connection cable.
    • Amperage regulator handles: With this handle, you can adjust the amps according to what we need.
    • On and off button: With this button, we connect or disconnect the machine from the power outlet.
  • Voltage regulation button: This allows the machine voltage to be regulated.
  • Connection of earth cables and electrode holder cable: Cable that joins the winding with the piece.

Electric welding, how does an electric welding machine work?

Although there are different types of electric welding (laser welding, for example, one of them), the one mainly used is arc welding.

The power supply is an alternating electric current (in the continuous inverter), and it reaches our plugs between 220 V to 440 V.

However, this is excessive for welding, so a transformer causes this voltage to decrease. They also have a rectifier so that the energy is more stable and does not fluctuate so much.

Thus, this transformer and rectifier assembly reduces the voltage between 7V and 44V and then rectifies the energy, passing it from alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC), with an intensity between 30 and 1500 A.

Once the proper voltage and amperage are achieved, an electric arc is created between the metal to be welded and the electrode. This causes the electrode to melt, and with the small droplets of it (welding bead), the two elements are joined.

Finally, once it cools, the slag remains are removed, either with a metal brush or with a small hammer.

Advantages of a conventional electric welding machine
Advantages of a conventional electric welding machine

Advantages of a conventional electric welding machine

Are you in doubt about buying a traditional electric welding machine or not? Here we tell you the advantages they entail:

  • Much more durable machines. The conventional welding machines’ mechanism is much simpler than inverters, and therefore, they last much longer.
  • Less investment: The mechanism is simpler and makes them less damaged, and that repairs are much cheaper. Therefore, in the long term, the investment is much smaller.
  • They work well in dirty environments. They are perfect to be in a dirty environment and do not need to transport them.

Disadvantages of traditional electric welding machines

After seeing the advantages, we also have to warn you of the disadvantages, so that you can make the best decision for yourself:

  • Transportation is much more difficult. Although they are normally transportable, since most have some wheels for this, they can weigh around 30 kilos, which is 10 times what an inverter welder weighs.
  • The finish is not so precise. Although they have a rectifier, many times, stabilizing the electric arc is not so easy, which means that the final work finish is not so polished.
  • You can’t weld so many materials. On the other hand, if you use the machine only for welding iron and steel, a conventional welding machine is enough.
  • Difficulty working in narrow places. As we have said, traditional electric welding machines are larger and heavier, so depending on the space you have to work, they can be an impediment.

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